San Francisco Ballet Announces Launch of Creation House for Development Initiatives


First-of-Its-Kind for Research, Creation, and Talent Incubation

San Francisco Ballet has announced the opening of Creation House, described as "a suite of professional development initiatives for SF Ballet dancers, students, and guest artists" to enhance their creative opportunities. With an emphasis on choreography and development, the program consists of four "strands": Choreographic Residencies, Choreographic Exchange and Physical Play workshops, ChoreoLabs, and the SF Ballet School Choreographic Program. Creation House will provide the space and time for mentoring and exploring creative ideas within the company and expanding SF Ballet's longstanding commitment to fostering innovation and new works, nurturing rising choreographic talent, and celebrating collaboration within the artistic communities of San Francisco and beyond.

Tamara Rojo. Photo by Karolina Kuras
Tamara Rojo. Photo by Karolina Kuras

Creation House was devised and directed by Artistic Director Tamara Rojo and Associate Artistic Director Kerry Nicholls, and is one of SF Ballet's new professional development initiatives to support dancers' careers within the school and the company. "Through the launch of Creation House, SF Ballet will provide both company members and the renowned international choreographers who visit us the opportunities and resources they need to create bold new work with confidence," said SF Ballet Artistic Director Tamara Rojo. "In my first year as Artistic Director, a core priority has been to expand the resources we offer to our dancers. Taking part in new work development and having access to the choreographic process is invaluable experience for dance artists, and by offering this opportunity to our company members, we will also help SF Ballet identify and invest in the innovative new voices that will further our art form."

The programs includes opportunities for dancers to participate in a two-year leadership training program, learn additional roles outside of their mainstage casting, and participate in wellness sessions with external health and wellbeing practitioners. The company's professional development programs are designed to invite collaborative partnerships from across the Bay Area and internationally.

On Thursday, July 13, Creation House hosted its first Choreographic Exchange session led by a visiting choreographer, Arielle Smith from London. She has been commissioned to develop a reimagined Carmen for SF Ballet's 2024 Season and will lead an inquiry-based session for SF Ballet dancers with an interest in choreography, offering perspective into the artist's creative process, and Smith's personal journey as a maker. This summer and throughout the upcoming season, SF Ballet will continue to release professional development activities, which include Creation House.

The launch of Creation House is part of SF Ballet's expanding engagement with the local dance community, especially through a new partnership with ODC/Dance. The two companies will co-present ODC's State of Play Festival and invite ODC artists to participate in upcoming Creation House programs.

For more information about Creation House, see San Francisco Ballet

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